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Best Bathroom Design Ideas 2022

As 2021 was the year of self care; establishing routines and rituals to remain healthy and happy in our homes during long periods of lockdown, home-schooling and furlough; 2022 brings with it hope for the future beyond our four walls and a more optimistic outlook. We have probably all learned something interesting about ourselves and our family dynamics during the previous year: our homes have provided sanctuary and safe haven during extremely difficult times. However, Spring brings with it the perfect opportunity for change. Many of us are now determined to move forward with positivity, recalibrated with refreshed perspectives and reordered priorities. One fresh perspective many of us seem to have developed over the last few months is a healthier understanding of the importance of harmony and tranquility in our lives and particularly in our homes. An important aspect of this is the quality, comfort and functionality of our bathrooms: serene spaces where we refresh, refocus and re-energise each morning, and rest, relax and unwind each evening. Our own private refuge where we can release stress, rebalance, look after and pamper ourselves and our loved ones. We hope to provide some inspiration for you with our best bathroom design ideas 2021, and where better to invest in yourself and your family AND increase the value of your home, than with a stylish new bathroom or wetroom.  

Chic Chandeliers

A stylish change of lighting to individual and customised fixtures can really add to  the vintage look. If you also install dimmers, you will be able to enjoy nice long hot baths with a more romantic feeling. The only way to relax after a hard day of work. Image: Residence Style  

Colour Saturated Tiles

A brick-shaped tile in a deep shade of exquisite teal, the Lampas Peacock (Topps’ tile of the year and Benjamin Moore’s colour of 2021) features hand finished, distressed edging and a glossy surface. A truly decadent and unique feel, inspired by the blues and greens of the sea. Using this tile in your bathroom will evoke a feeling of calm and a connection with the ocean, ideal for creating your own tranquil haven. Image: House Beautiful  

Commune with Nature

Adding natural elements in your bathroom will make you feel more relaxed, bringing the outside in. Plants are a must-have in any bathroom. They add life, keep the air fresh and bring you joy. Here’s a great example of a tropical style bathroom with stone and glass walls, a stone tub, free-standing sinks and lots of lush, statement tropical botanicals which will thrive in a bathroom due to the higher level of humidity. Link: Feel it Cool  

Hot Geometry

Geometry is essential in structural and architectural elements, but also in the aesthetics of walls. This bold, distinctive black and white geometric wallpaper is a perfect choice for a sophisticated art deco inspired bathroom. Keep in mind that not only should your wallpaper of choice be stunning, but must also be able to withstand humidity. Art Deco definitely features in some of the best bathroom design ideas 2021. Image: DigsDigs  

Marvellous Marble

Marble remains a fantastic and durable material for bathrooms. This beautiful stone is naturally water-resistant and adds a luxurious, elegant feel to any space. Marble has been used for for millennia; the Romans had public baths made of it! Marble is a must for many of the best bathroom design ideas 2021: whether they be contemporary in style (as in this gorgeous family bathroom by Arren Williams), traditional, modern, classic, and many more. Image: House & Home  

Softening your Space

Introducing curves to your bathroom instantly softens the space, and when married with neutral tones, plants, rugs, mood lighting and soft furnishings, can really bring a sense of Zen tranquility to your life. Something we all need a little bit more of after the last 12 months! Image: Amazing Interior Design  

Cool, Calm Concrete

No longer reserved for industrial or ultra-contemporary homes, concrete is seducing more of us by the day and convincing us to put this hard-working material to use in and outside the home. Kitchens have been showing off concrete in smart and sophisticated ways for some time, but bathrooms are quickly catching up – and it’s hard not to be impressed with the results.  

Dark & Matte Fixtures

Dark fixtures really pop when contrasted by a much lighter expanse of wall tile and sanitary ware, as seen in this exquisite example. The sharp matte fixtures act as punctuation points and really accent the clean, simplistic lines of this serene space.  

The Luxe Spa Look

A luxurious spa look can easily be achieved in your own home with clever bathroom design. The rich Adriatic Sea hexagonal tiles by Fireclay Tile are beautifully complemented by gold fittings, niche shelving and vintage mirror.  

Hexagons A Go Go

Hexagons are a prominent shape in the world of interior design, and so are warm metallic copper tones. Mix the two together and what do you have? One heck of a striking bathroom splashback! These Pizzazz Hexagon Mosaic Tiles are made from 98% recycled glass, so they're perfect for eco conscious projects. Link: Walls and Floors   We have developed an excellent working relationship with Stonehaus of Knutsford. Please browse the links below for some further inspiration. Stonehaus are suppliers of leading brands from across Europe including: Geberit, Duravit, Keuco, Axor Hansgrohe, Samuel Heath, Jackoboard, Bisque Radiators, Matki, Mastella, Aqua Vision, Antonio Citterio, Phillipe Starck, Norman Foster